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Original photography and poetry. Available in 8 x 10 prints. $14.99
per print. Please inquire as to availability.

Ancients of the Sea

Arising from the depths,
comes a giant of grace & girth,
carrying ancient knowledge,
throughout oceans of the earth.
Displaying majestic splendor,
dancing atop the waves,
are brilliant demonstrations,
of how Wisdom and joy behaves.


A vacation from the mind, no matter where you are,
is freedom from the busy-ness, that propels you afar.
This place of welcomed peace, transcends the world below,
a joyful experience of release, that everyone should know.


Every place you go, throughout time and space,
Spirit Guides are with you, as extensions of Grace.
Never alone are you, feel comfort with their presence,
ask and they assist you, with any of life's lessons.


A land can be magical, it evolves from conscious minds,
together by their loving thoughts, new reality unwinds.
The veils, like smog, are lifted, new worlds are exposed,
the endless possibilities, have Nirvana superimposed.


It takes common interests, to bridge a pair of hearts,
this link of receptivity, is how understanding starts.
Fear blocks the connection, love flows end to end,
an unrestricted passageway, attracts to you a friend.


Your Light breaking through, demonstrates how to shine,
this brilliance is the Core of you, as mental beliefs refine.
As an extension of Creator, a Sun you must be,
dancing amidst the shadows, guiding humanity.


It is easy to send love, to those who pose no threat,
but the ones who really need it, are those love has not met.
Send heartfelt well wishes, to those you like or hold disdain,
so your acceptance lights their way, for peace to remain.


Anything is possible, in this you must believe,
all hopes build on levels, that take time to achieve.
As visions flash before you, let your Heart be your "Eyes",
bringing Light to your dreams, not limited to the skies.


New storms begin to brew, when passion's flame ignites,
focus with a loving heart, you transform existing plights.
Watch order come from chaos, light pierce through the dark,
uncertainty comes to confidence, abundance from the stark.


Each creative impulse, is an explosion of inner light,
projected into the darkness, that radiates over the night.
Different are the expressions, by color, form and design,
all are uniquely beautiful, yet as One they all combine.


The duration of a life cycle, varies by form and place,
regardless of the longevity, enjoy her beautiful face.
From flowers that bloom once, to the millennia trees,
be grateful for the present, that brings you to your knees.


An image through the ages, of love and compassion,
you can now duplicate, in your unique fashion.
Unconditional love is the core, compassion is its' mate,
the walk you walk is action, where you Divinely co create.


Some marriages do not last, while others evolve and grow,
remember your Light Connection, lasting Love you will know.
The link is always there, it connects at the heart,
this radiance attracts others, as True Love you impart.


Do not ever hide your light, allow it to break through,
access your flower of life, to revive and renew.
Conforming to those around you, keeps you under the mud,
stand up and be radiant, to blossom from a bud.


Over eons of time, mountains moved by gusts,
recreated landscapes, by their windy thrusts.
You can move any mountains, as easily as your feet,
know and believe long enough, goals become complete.


The liquid turquoise gift, that flows from the earth,
is this water of vitality, beyond monetary worth.
An ongoing loving gesture, passing through Her veins,
enable beautiful gardens, coupled with Father's rains.


Embrace your uniqueness, find meaning in who you are,
to some the "ugly duckling", is the most radiant by far.
Care not how others judge, or avoid you in your day,
enjoy life with an open heart, let true colors be on display.



That which people value, is the treasure they will seek,
each quest becomes exciting, transforming lives of the meek.
Each rainbow's "pot of gold", or Wisdom that will Awaken,
is each person's solution, so abundance is not forsaken.


When fear leaves the mind, passions come to play,
you do what you have wanted, while discernment goes away.
Some can do this naturally, while for others help is needed,
forego the after effects, let the Heart be heeded.


Some create a web, of intricate design,
the focus is on capturing, only what is "mine".
This fear base to control, has an unsteady base,
share love without condition, "We" joyfully embrace.


You need Light for Life, it is the Essence of our Being,
the earth helps us balance, and Inspires us in Seeing.
Such a treasure to offer praise, in a house of clarity,
look out through the windows, Earth Love grows freely.

Balance & Rhythm

As the earth has her rhythms, people must have them too,
these cycles remain balanced, so health and growth accrue.
Lovingly monitored, through all of life’s duration,
are the Forces of nature, that Guide to joy & elation.


Love Preserved in Stone

Atop the stone mountain, are two loving forms,
that became the “kissing camels”, by eons of storms.
Mother nature is the sculptor, the rock is her clay,
to display familiar images, for inspiration and play.

The Light of Passage

Sometimes we are in darkness, looking for direction,
we walk our best on the path, following light’s reflection.
As desired goals come closer, warmth touches our heart,
while chilling goosebumps signify, a new, exciting start.

From The Depths

When you can’t find your way,
and hope appears lost,
have courage to look deep within,
before life you exhaust.
From the caverns of the mind,
comes Nourishment to feed,
hope is life-giving water,
that “en-riches” every deed.


Expression is not limited, to these physical plains,
they can be seen in Spirit, where Love always remains.
Witness the excitement, as Masters and Guides appear,
their support and jubilation, becomes dancing and cheer.

Conquering Pride & Ego

A rock structure in Wyoming, aptly named “devil’s Tower”,
has attracted some for conquest, yet ego it did devour.
Monuments are to be admired, not conquered with pride,
climb above darkness within, True conquests are applied.


Pointing to the Heavens

Weathered through the millennia, refined down to the sands,
are sculptured works of Guidance, that display a pair of hands.
The right points up skyward, the other is here in prayer,
reminding of Our connection, with existence everywhere.


The Secret Halls

Failure is perceived, by those who do not see,
the light beneath the surface, of physical reality.
When you look past the darkness, see radiance abound,
obtain the hidden wisdom, from chambers you have found.



The beauty within a person, may rarely seem to shine,
because of outward actions, that look to undermine.
All have Love within, that radiates night and day,
each life can be a lighthouse, that guides a person’s way.


Natures’ Conversation

The water rushes down, babbling all the while,
with the endless rocks and trees, of varied form and style.
A Heartfelt earth Connection, lets you listen in,
to the windy conversations, that have always been.

Builders In Time

Constructed stone by stone, mathematically conceived,
is sacred architecture, ingeniously achieved.
Connected to other pyramids, holding time & space,
is grounding to this planet, for the entire human race.


Earthly Splendor

In the Montana mountains, is a sacred space,
that touches your heart and soul, reflecting Heaven’s face.
This beauty of God is evident, a pure delight to view,
your “Eden” can be anywhere, with open eyes anew.


The Serenity of Elevation

Far above the foot paths, as exhaustion takes a toll,
peace begins to amplify, enveloping your soul.
A world beyond the others, that refreshes the senses,
this renewal of Spirit, is the place bliss commences.


Beauty & Danger

When the sun begins to set, beauty comes to sight,
while the heat of the desert, surrenders to the night.
The sun and the desert, are dangerous during the day,
enjoy each morning and evening's colorful display.


A Hopeful Wonder

A glimpse of surreal beauty, that exists by the Nile,
is akin to ancient gardens, that lasted only awhile.
Like the lotus from the mud, is this isle in the sand,
beauty can come from anywhere, when you believe & understand.


Pillars of the Ages

As each century passes,
people marvel at progress,
reasons for jubilation,
to culturally impress.
Yet ancient genius architects,
have built without current tools,
let your Creative Passions,
have no limits or rules.


Now Time

The past mixed with the present, is rarely seen by sight,
often experienced consciously, it's Inspiration or blight.
The past, present and future, are all interlaced,
Create your brilliant future, with experiences now embraced.

The Flow of Emotions

To be human is to experience, emotions that arise,
from the happiness and joy, to each frustrating surprise.
You can struggle in denial, fighting the steady flow,
yet going with current Guidance, is advancement you will show.


Shadows of Renewal

As the day's radiance departs from sight, new colors appear from God's
palette of light.
A masterpiece of beauty Created on earth, is a display to everyone of
their priceless worth.
This gift is offered freely to Inspire and renew, peace within the
heart & soul for anyone to view.
When you see the sunset silhouette the land, let your loving Gratitude
touch every hand.


The Majestic Mountains

In nature's embrace, at higher elevations,
comes the peaceful, quiet time, of inSightful revelations.
Play with the river rocks, or picnic upon grass beds,
support your back against a tree, where many rest their heads.


Priestly Offerings

Sacrifices to their gods,
were gifts they presented,
as royal ceremony,
often implemented.
A symbol of the past,
that is not required,
your love of one another,
is what God has desired.

The Beauty of Service

Many live in service, of a cause believed,
some are chosen freely, others forcibly achieved.
For the Kings and Queens, that lived in the ancient past,
their monuments of devotion, have continued to last.


Twin Foundation

Created as one form, parted by earth shifts,
are the rocks of ages, offering wisdom gifts.
They are mirrored complements, that do not oppose,
supportive in their service, so the water of life flows.

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